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Plenary Lecture 1

Juro Sakai
Univ. Tokyo, Japan
Tohoku University Graduate school of Medicine, Japan
“Histone demethylase-mediated adaptive thermogenesis”

Plenary Lecture2

Martin Morad
Medical Univ. South Carolina, USA
Cardiac Calcium Signaling: Calcium Imaging, Genetically-engineered Mice, and RyR2-Gene editing

Invited speakers

Special Academic Session New applications in systems biology and physiology좌장: 우현구, 박웅양
1. Re-wiring intercellular interaction in colon cancer
박웅양 (성균관대)
2. Ddeciphering brain somatic mutations in neurological disorders
이정호 (KAIST)
3. Highly efficient base-editing in mice
김경미 (고려대)
4. Pharmacogenomic landscape of patient-derived tumor cells for precision oncology
이진구 (아주대)
Academic Session #1 Modeling Pathologic Pain좌장: 황선욱(고려의대), 김선광(경희대)
1. Development of depression-related pain animal model
김현우 (충남의대)
2. Decoding of spontaneous pain information from cortical two-photon calcium imaging in awake mice with machine learning
김선광 (경희한의대)
3. Novel Strategies for Inhibiting TRPV1 Activation using Human DRG Neuron Platform
김용호 (가천의대)
4. In vitro Spine-on-a-chip for application of biological microenvironment
최혁 (고려의대)
Academic Session #2 Metabolic signaling and disease in obesity and diabetes좌장: 임승순(계명의대), 전태일(전남대)
1. Obesity-induced inflammation in the development of insulin resistance
이종순 (순천향대)
2. The role of cytosolic calcium in insulin resistance
오병철 (가천의대)
3. The role of ER stress on the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes
이재민 (DGIST)
4. Fat depot selective inflammation and insulin resistance in obesity
김재범 (서울대)
Academic Session #3 Multifaceted functions of ion channels좌장: 서인석(서울의대), 김성준(서울의대)
1. Lipid transports by TMEM16 channel/ scramblases
이병철 (한국뇌연구원)
2. Allosteric modulation of TMEM16A channels by PI(4,5)P2 and CaMKII
서병창 (DGIST)
3. Bicarbonate permeation through anion channels
이민구 (연세의대)
4. Biophysical and physiological functions of Tentonin 3
오우택 (KIST)
Academic Session #4 Cerebellar network and its physiological function좌장: 이덕주(가톨릭의대), 박주민 (IBS)
1. Sensory encoding in the cerebellar climbing fiber
김상정 (서울의대)
2. The origin and function of cerebellar tonic inhibition
윤보은 (단국의대)
3. Serotonin-induced excitation of deep cerebellar nuclei mediates muscle tension abnormalities
김대수 (KAIST)
4. Cerebellar modulation of emotional learning and memory
이용석 (서울의대)
Academic Session #5 Cardiac physiology and pathophysiology좌장: 김성준(서울의대), 우선희(충남대)
1. Ryanodine receptor type 2 as a potential target for novel antiarrhytmic drugs
Nagomi Kurebayashi (Juntendo Univ., Japan)
2. Mechanism of atrial fibrillation
3. A multidisciplinary approach for pharmacological assessment using human iPS-derived cardiomyocytes
Junko Kurokawa (Univ. Shizuoka, Japan)
4. NOS signaling in cardiac E-C coupling and metabolism
Yin Hua Zhang (서울의대)
5. Role of extracellular matrix in cardiac tissue regeneration
김민석 (이화의대)
Academic session #6 Stem cell physiology; beyond the limits좌장: 정진섭(부산의대), 권상모(부산의대)
1. Plant callus reprograms human dermal fibroblasts into multipotent skin-derived neural precursor cells
권유욱 (서울의대)
2. Blood cell production using human hematopoietic stem cells
백은정 (한양의대)
3. Expression profiles of MSCs in FBS–based and chemically defined media
박상규 (아주약대)
4. Salivary gland organoid-based development of exosome therapeutics for menopause-induced xerostomia
김형식 (부산치대)
5. Dissecting cellular heterogeneity using singl-cell RNA sequencing
김종경 (DGIST)
Academic Session #7 Exercise physiology좌장: 한 진(인제의대), 곽효범(인하대)
1. The role of arginine methylation in the maintenance of skeletal muscle function
2. Effect of exercise on p66shc and vascular function in cardiovascular diseases
이상기 (충남대)
3. Genetic approaches to study physiology of exercise using mouse models
4. Can exercise intervention improve endothelial TRPV4 channel-dependent cell-cell communication?
홍광석 (중앙대)
5. Cerebral and peripheral microvascular function in individuals with elevated cardiovascular disease risk
허찬솔 (전북대)
Academic Session #8 Skin pathophysiology and ion channels좌장: 남주현(동국의대), 고재홍(중앙의대)
1. Skin aging and ion channels
2. The involvement of TRPV1 in the effects of external stressors on the skin.
3. Understanding molecular mechanisms of histamine-independent itch pathways
4. Transcriptomic analysis of gene expressions in two different murine models: prediction of itching diagnostic markers on early stage of scratching behavior
Academic session #9 Altered shape and work of mitochondria 좌장: 임채헌(울산의대), 박규상(원주의대)
1. Defective D-lactate metabolism induces methylglyoxal accumulation and causes cardiomyopathy
박찬배 (아주의대)
2. The coordinated regulation of mitochondrial structure and function for mitochondrial quality surveillance
선 웅 (고려의대)
3. Function of mitochondrial chaperone TRAP1 during progression of metabolic diseases
강병헌 (UNIST)
4. Anovel post-transcriptional regulation of L-type calcium channel in mice heart
김형규 (인제의대)